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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance info appears in latest Famitsu...

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...and we can hardly read any of it! Wild, erroneous, vague speculation within.
? The most recent issue of Famitsu includes four pages of new information on the upcoming Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the GameBoy Advance.? Quiter has provided links to the scans, and Games Are Fun has posted different scans of the same pages.

? FFTA's major gameplay systems include:

? The "Judgment System," which governs battles in FFTA, seems to be based on the decisions a "judge" who enforces the rules of battle using "law." Apparently, units in battle can resist the force of law by wielding "anti-law cards."? The Judgment system does not seem to replace FFT's turn-based system, for several of the screenshots show a "CT" turn order. (The PS FFT featured an "AT/CT" turn-based system which determined the frequency of a unit's turns and the speed of its actions.)

? The "Clan System," which seems similar to the proposition system present in the PlayStation Final Fantasy Tactics, enables the characters to undertake commissioned side quests offered in the game.? The idea of "clans" suggests that different factions may compete for the rewards that the quests promise.

? The "Region Create System," which is the basis for the creation of the world map, appears to be similar to Legend of Mana's "Landmake" system.? One of the screenshots shows the world map with blank spaces and other spaces occupied by symbols.

? FFTA will feature several different races: human, moogle, "Banga," "'N Mou," and "Viera." (The last three are unofficial romanizations.)? Any of the races may utilize traditional Final Fantasy jobs, including Black Mage, White Mage, and Archer.? New jobs introduced in FFTA are "White Monk" and "Soldier."? Other trademarks of the FF series that FFTA features include spells such as Meteo and even a character named Cid.

? The strange book that transports the main characters into the world of "swords and sorcery" is called "Gran Grimoire," and the story it tells is that of "Final Fantasy."? The world of swords and sorcery described is, in fact, none other than the Ivalice of the first FFT, whose name is shared with a city called "St. Ivalice."? St. Ivalice, set in the present day, is the where the main characters of the game reside, and the place where the game begins.? The relationship between the plots of FFT and FFTA is unknown at this time.

? The main characters, Marsh Radieux, Mute Landel, and Ritz Malheur (romanizations courtesy of RPGFan), are described as classmates who are transported to Ivalice via the Gran Grimoire.

? The graphical style of FFTA is very similar to that of Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis, also for the GBA, which was developed by Quest before Square bought the developer.? Thus, it can be concluded, with reason, that the 3/4 overhead perspective of FFTA's environments is fixed as in TO.? This contrasts with the multiple perspectives offered by the 3-D battlefield models in the PS FFT.

? The style of FFTA, with its anime-insipred, eccentric character designs, appears to represent a significant thematic break from producer Yasumi Matsuno's previous titles (Ogre Battle, Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story), all of which are imbued with dark, sinister overtones.

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I hope you realized that the Gran Grimoire is in Vagrant Story. More proof that Vagrant Story and Tactics have something to do with each other!
Yeah, I was actually aware of that, but I didn't really want to point it out because it might be a reference in the same way that "Forcas Rise" (or "Forcas Run"?) is.
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