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Breath of Fire V receives blessings of gaming music gods

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Yasunori Mitsuda and Hitoshi Sakimoto, two of gaming music's most celebrated composers, have collaborated on the score for Capcom's upcoming RPG Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter, to be released November 14 in Japan. Also, Capcom took a page out of Square's marketing playbook by announcing that Chihiro Onitsuka, a famous Japanese pop artist, will perform the game's theme song. Music samples are available at the official Breath of Fire V website. RPGFan
? Capcom has announced that the music composers of its upcoming RPG, Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter, are gaming music veterans and freelance composers Hitoshi Sakimoto and Yasunori Mitsuda, who have composed music for many Square games.? Capcom also announced that popular Japanese artist Chihiro Onitsuka will perform the game's theme song.

? Sakimoto is best known for his war-themed work (with longtime counterpart Masaharu Iwata) for the Ogre Battle series and Final Fantasy Tactics, and his solo effort for Vagrant Story. Sakimoto's other efforts include the score for Radiant Silvergun, the shooter prequel to the upcoming Ikaruga, and a contribution to Treasure Hunter G.? Last year, Sakimoto teamed up with Iwata once again for Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis.

? Mitsuda is best known for his Irish-inspired work for the Chrono series (Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross) and for Xenogears.? Last year, Mitsuda composed the music for Namco's Xenosaga, which will be released later this year in North America.

? Onitsuka is a popular Japanese singer whose debut album, Insomnia, was released in February 2000 and has sold over a million copies.? Her hit singles include "Shine" and "Moonlight."? Her second album, This Armor, was released March 2002.

? Sakimoto and Mitsuda have collaborated before.? Along with Michiru Ooshima, they composed the music for Sony's Legaia Duel Saga, which was released in Japan earlier this year.

? Three music samples are available at the official Breath of Fire website.

? Breath of Fire V is scheduled for release November 14 in Japan.

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Woo! My first general gaming article.

I have many comments to make.

The question is not whether the music will be good but whether the game will live up to the music.

This article is just an excuse to link to as many bare game coverage pages as I can and to show how much more I know than RPGFan. :)

They are freelance composers, right?

I guess Mitsuda worked on the Biohazard (Resident Evil) games, but I don't know in what capacity.

Why did they waste their time on Legaia Duel Saga??

<em>, or <i>?

Rob, read the article to find out how to use "whose." :)

Eh, I find your "end of mediocre music" comment a little too subjective for a news post. This is SH though so I guess it doesn't matter.
But BoF3 has awesome music if you're into jazz! And BoF4 just plain has awesome music. Geeeez. :P
It's called having an opinion...

Mitsuda and Sakimoto should proove to be a great team though... :D
Author opinion and the actual meat of the news post should remain seperate. You should either mark your opinion or just post it in the comments.

I can't say I'm all that excited about BoF4, although the screens do look quite nice. I've never really enjoyed any of the games very much, they all seemed pretty slow paced.
Yay! Apologists in the midst!

Duly noted. That was probably the most mean-spirited comment made in some time.

However, there are several things I wanted to convey with the headline:

1) "Mediocre" is meant as a relative, not absolute term. The light jazz of Breath of Fire III is somewhat acceptable, and the traditional RPG music of Breath of Fire II is also tolerable fare. At the level of Chrono Cross, though? I dare you to argue that.

2) "Decisive" suggests that Capcom is serious enough to enlist the services of two of the great composers in the industry. I accounted for the fact that I didn't know how Breath of Fire IV's score was. Was BoFIV a decisive end? The implication is that Mitsuda and Sakimoto are badasses.

3) It might not even be a decisive "end," if in fact I am of the opinion that the series' music as a whole is mediocre. Come on, it's just an overstatment that you should take with a grain of salt because I don't even refer to it in the rest of the "article."

In the summary or headline (most of the time, summary) I intend to express in some way what I really think about the news. Hence you see "Nyah, nyah Japanese gamers" and skepticism that the FFX spin-offs actually exist. These are isolated, however, and don't infect the rest of the article. This is the way I'm going to continue to do it, when applicable, and I just don't give a fuck!

Also, if anyone noticed, everything else in the "article" is as blandly objective as I can get.
Also, "Rikku's Lesbo-rotic Adventures" and "FFIII Officially canned according to Stephen Wilson."
Shit, we pissed off Paul!

Ok, fine... I thought about what Matt might say, and this is what I came up with.
Oh yeah.

Shar: I lied. Again. :(
I noticed. I checked the boards earlier today and went, "Last post by Paul!? He lied to me!"
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