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Backlit GBA in the works?

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Gamers reported to have wept with joy... or was that pain from eye and neck strain?
 With the popularity of projects such as Triton Lab's Afterburner, a kit designed to backlight the Gameboy Advance, Nintendo seems to have finally caught onto the idea that gamers want a backlit GBA. The German branch of Nintendo Europe is reportedly testing backlit versions of the Gameboy Advance for factors such as compatibility with in-game colour schemes, variable contrast, and battery life.

 Battery life appears to be Nintendo's primary concern, and the backlit GBAs are reportedly having trouble meeting Nintendo's battery usage standards.

 Also, sources say that Nintendo Europe is planning to have an upgrade program for non-lit GBAs.  For around ?10 (about $15.50 USD), gamers in Europe would be able to upgrade their current GBAs into backlit units.

 No word has been given on a North American release of a backlit GBA.

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Wow, it sure took Nintendo long enough to admit that it was a mistake to exclude a backlit screen. As long as there is going to be a upgrade at a reasonable price this is a good move. I always secretly dreaded that they would release a new backlit GBA and I would be stuck with the old version, which would suddenly be worth next to nothing.
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