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Square teases FF geeks with titillating Another Lord poster

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Although Square chose not to show Final Fantasy X: Another Lord in electronic form at this week's Tokyo Games Show, they did, however, reveal a teaser image. Said image depicts Yuna, who has apparently chosen to discard her usual formal dress and good-girl mentality for some pistols and slutty rap-video hot pants.

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Forums / News / Square teases FF geeks with titillating Another Lord poster

Although this is not a complaint, the hot pants and pistols lead me to ask... What's next? Aeris in a garter belt? Kimahri in a business suit?
hmmmmm im new n just want to say is their gone to be a tidus
Hmmm... Your insight is truly inspiring to the imagination. Anybody else care to enlighten us?
I like everything (especially Yuna) and the two new or maybe old but changed guys that appear as misterious, but i dislike the earth-techonoly looking guns, why they didn't created some as the cool looking guns that bevelle soldiers used and according to Spira's style?
Im with you Lizzy
my opinion it "sucks so fucking much". the shorts suck, the pistols suck, her face suck.

damn, even the cg's rendering sucks.
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