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Amigo the Ninja Squirrel stars in Unlimited SaGa

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Square reveals new characters, minute gameplay details, and media as well as Amigo, who is a ninja squirrel. What, did you think the headline was a joke?
Three new characters have been added to the Unlimited SaGa cast: Ragu (no relation to the pasta sauce) the stylish delivery boy, Ruby the untalented fortune teller, and Amigo the ninja squirrel. How can this game possibly suck???

Ragu Ruby Amigo

Not unlike that of SaGa Frontier II, the Unlimited Saga battle system is composed of a combo system that will allow your characters to create different combo attacks among party members.

MEDIA: 22 Screen Shots

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Squirrels are awesome!
yes but certainly not as awesome as ferrets. if Amigo was a ninja ferret this game would be at least... 2% cooler.
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