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Industry sees biggest ironic incident since Street Fighter III

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In a twisted turn of events, Acclaim has announced that BMX XXX - the perverted game for pervs where pervs control topless BMX bikers - will be censored for the PS2 version per complaints from Sony. The Gamecube version, however, will have boobies. *collective gasp* ?

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Forums / News / Industry sees biggest ironic incident since Street Fighter III

I don't know what's stranger. This, or the Pong fanfiction.
Pong fanfiction. definitely.
I bet all the PS2 fanboys who were secretly looking forward to this game are going, "Hmph! Well, it's a filthy, debauched, title and only you horrible, immature GameCube and Xbox owners would even dream of picking this up."

Well, either that or, "fuxx0r! i wanted teh TITTIEZ :((("
the latter. definitely :)
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