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Final Fantasy I & II, Unlimited SaGa coming to North America

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According to GamePro, Square is planning to release the PlayStation versions of Final Fantasy I & II as well as Unlimited SaGa in North America this coming spring. Final Fantasy I & II will reportedly be sold together in a single package.

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It is about time. I have been dying for the rerelease since these games were remade for the wonderswan. Kudos to the intelligent people at Square.
Unlimited SaGa is so sexy.

Final Fantasy I and II too. Good to hear that they'll be one package. I don't see them selling too well separately. I still think that they would have made better GBA games though. Oh well.
Now, what the hell will they release FFIII on? That'd be my question of the day.....
Game Boy Advanced.
They might as well make FFIII a PS port. Consider that FFIII was supposed to have come out for the Wonderswan Color this year (it was announced over a year ago). It seems a lot of time was invested in it.
wait a sec... FF III is also FF VI and didnt they ALREADY release those in FF anthology??? or am i missing something???

and another thing... the whole unlimited thing gets me SOOOO mad!! i am writing a book with the title UNLiMITED(which is copyrighted mind you...)!!! i saw this when i was searching around for KH stuff and started going "WTF?! what IS this????!!!" and then i find out its a game that has already or is soon to be released! and just for the record I JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS and i started writing over a year ago!

FF I and FF II look awesome!! i cant wait to get it!! i heard somne rumors that they are going to be making a "FINAL FANTASY PACK" which has ALL of the games released on PS,PS2,and the earlier systems in one lil package(converted to PS or PS2.. maybe even PC)! what do you think about it???
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