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World discovers Japanese people are damn lucky

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One of gaming's biggest pre-order goodies is coming to a store near you... if you live in Japan. Japanese gamers who pre-order Link's latest adventure on the GameCube, the Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto, will receive a bonus disc that includes the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the previously un-released Ura-Zelda, and some trailers for upcoming GC games.
??Approximately 100,000 Japanese gamers will receive a nice little gift when they pre-order Nintendo's Legend of Zelda: Kaze no Takuto: a bonus disc including a GameCube port of the Nintendo 64 classic Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the previously unreleased Ura-Zelda, and movies of the upcoming Biohazard 4 (Resident Evil 4 to the rest of us) and F-Zero GC.

??The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the complete game, though it isn't known if any changes have been made so that it takes advantage of the GameCube hardware. The case is the same for Ura-Zelda, an expansion pack of sorts for Ocarina of Time, which featured new OoT dungeons. Ura-Zelda, which was never released, began life as a game for the 64DD, an unsucessful Nintendo 64 peripheral that was released only in Japan. Considering that the two games are being given away for free, it's unlikely that any major changes have been made to either.

??The promotion runs from November 28th to December 13th (the game's Japanese launch date) or until supplies expire. No word has been given for a similar promotion elsewhere, but gamers around the world are expected to kick, scream, curse, break things, and/or weep softly until Nintendo complies.

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At least you're not guilty of pathetic fallacy. I wonder who actually came up with "Tact of the Wind"? How can wind have any tact?
Well, when you break wind, you lack tact!
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