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Near-blind Game Boy gamers discover sacrifice was in vain

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Nintendo has just announced the GameCube Game Boy Player, a peripheral which enables gamers to play games from all incarnations of the infamous handheld system... huge, fully-lit, and on their television screens.
??Remember the Super Game Boy for the Super Nintendo? Well, Nintendo has just announced something cooler: the GameCube Game Boy Player, a peripheral that allows gamers to play their Game Boy games on their television screens.

??Games from all incarnations of the Game Boy (original, Color, and Advance) will work with the Game Boy Player, which connects to the bottom of the GameCube via the high-speed port. The Player is one-inch high and is constructed so that other GameCube ports, for network adapters and other add-ons, are left free. The peripheral draws power from the GameCube, thus saving gamers from the horror of batteries and bulky AC adapters, and includes the link port for multiplayer gaming and GameCube/Game Boy Advance connectivity. Gamers will be able to control their games using either a standard GameCube controller, Wavebird, or through the Game Boy Advance (which requires the GameCube/Game Boy Advance link cable).

??The Game Boy Player includes a software disc and will be available in all current GameCube colours, including orange, which was only released in Japan. Japanese sales of the Player are expected to begin in March 2003 with North American sales following in May. The estimated price for the Player is 5000 yen ($40 USD).

??For gamers who have held out on purchasing a Game Boy Advance in hopes of an official backlit version, the wait just got much easier.

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Sure it ain't portable, but I'm too paranoid to walk around outside with a GBA anyway. However, this will make my wait for a backlit GBA so much easier. The price is pretty nice too. I want!
Does this have nything to do with sluts?
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