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Gaming sites indiscriminately copy FFTA non-article

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For no particular reason other than to be perceived as on top of shit, several gaming sites have posted non-articles, fluffed up with irrelevant opinion, on non-information about Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - something about 300 missions and 40 jobs from a 30-word blurb at Gamefront. It is expected that heel-dragging Square sites will sluttily rehash the non-contents of whatever sources they stumble upon, irrelevant opinion and all. Except this one.

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Forums / News / Gaming sites indiscriminately copy FFTA non-article

Is [whatever's left of] Quest working on this?

The thought didn't occur to me, maybe because I thought subconsciously they wouldn't waste their time.

Don't get me wrong. FFTA is infinitely preferable to a "strict" sequel of a shameless rehash (I'll carp on and on about this forever, I suppose) because it seems to have some original ideas, actually. For the subgenre, anyway.

But still, there are five games in the Ogre series left... let's get with it!
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