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People are buying Xboxes in Australia

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According to GamePro, people are apparently buying Xboxes in Australia, where Microsoft has had an increasing market share -- just 4% less than that of Sony. We can't confirm the reliability of this report, however, and are understandably skeptical of its accuracy. Besides, I mean, who gives a shit about the Australian gaming market anyway? They sell, like, 32 consoles in the course of a year.

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I LIVE in Australia. It's not THAT much of a shit-hole. (Pretty damn close though...) We only get like 20 new games a year, and they're all from EUROPE. *shudders*
Hey, I never said Australia was a shit hole. You are twisting my words! What I said was that the Australian gaming industry is a shit hole because "they sell, like, 32 consoles in the course of a year."
I stand corrected.
Aw man! Dont diss the Australian gaming market because being Australian, I happen to be a consumer of this market. I agree that we arent considered active in our contribution to the gaming world in the sense that we dont make any games and sell them overseas. Instead we purchase products that other countries promote here. Yet, at the same time, I'm even glad the Australian gaming market it mentioned. If I could, I would change that in my country which is one of the things I plan to do as a career anyway...well good luck to me.
why is everybody so sensitive? i don't see how difficult it is to tell when somebody is joking.
Oh, it's easy to see. It's just fun to bitch and whine every so often.
Hey just noticed this one, clearly Australia's gaming market is full of deluded fools given this apparent rise in Xbox sales. *cough* necropost *cough*
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