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Square soundtracks announced for early 2003

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The year's Square-related album list starts with the original soundtrack to Unlimited SaGa, followed by a Nobuo Uematsu arranged album and two Final Fantasy Tactics Advance albums.
Four Square-related albums--two original soundtracks, one arranged album, and one drama CD--have been announced so far in 2003 (proposed release dates in parentheses):

Unlimited SaGa Original Soundtrack (January 22)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Original Soundtrack (February 19)
"Final Fantasy Battle Arrange" - The Black Mages (February 19)
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition Vol. 1 (February 26)

A two-disc album, the Unlimited SaGa Original Soundtrack will retail for 2,913 yen (about $24 US). Detailed information (including a track list and brief samples) on the Unlimited SaGa Original Soundtrack can be found at the official DigiCube site.

Also a two-disc album, the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Original Soundtrack will retail for 2,913 yen ($24 US). Composed by Nobuo Uematsu, the album will be released less than a week after the official release date (February 14) of the game.

Given the full title of the album, The Black Mages, which will retail for 2,381 yen ($20 US) is probably a collection of arranged battle themes from the Final Fantasy series. The official website of Nobuo Uematsu (at PlayOnline) includes a sample of the Gilgamesh battle music from Final Fantasy V.

Presumably based on a radio drama featuring characters from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, the first volume of the Radio Edition drama CD will retail for 2,857 yen ($24 US). The drama, broadcast on radio stations throughout Japan, will be aired each Saturday from January 4 to March 29. (Information from RPGFan.)

All of the albums will be published, presumably, by DigiCube, the traditional label for Square-related albums.

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Is anyone disappointed that Uematsu is taking on FFTA? Sakimoto and Iwata managed to shine a bit with Knights of Lodis (although none of it ended up being memorable, but neither did FFT with its filler or unsuitable battle music... "Under the Stars"? ... Tactics Ogre all the way!!)

By the way, Masashi Hamauzu (who wrote most of the interesting music for FFX) composed the Unlimited SaGa OST.
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