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Black Mages tracklist released

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The latest, arranged Final Fantasy album now has a tracklist.
?Final Fantasy Battle Arrange - The Black Mages (name subject to change) will contain ten tracks from various Final Fantasy games. According to CDJapan, the album is arranged by longtime Final Fantasy composer, Nobuo Uematsu, and each track will be arranged in a hard-rock style.

The current tracklist:

  1. Battle 1 (FFI)
  2. Battle Scene 2 (FFII)
  3. Battle on the Big Bridge (FFV)
  4. Decisive Battle (FFVI)
  5. Battle Theme (FFVI)
  6. Dancing Mad (FFVI)
  8. Still More Fighting (FFVII)
  9. Force Your Way (FFVIII)
  10. Seymour Battle (FFX)
?The Black Mages is scheduled for a February 19th, 2003 release in Japan. The album will retail for 2381 yen ($20 USD).

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I really think I'm the only one who cares.
Ah, but you would be wrong...
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