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The AIAS announces 2003 nominees

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What an INCREDIBLE FOX Samus is!The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences today revealed the nominees for the 2003 Interactive Achievement Awards. Finalists for Game of the Year include Animal Crossing, Battlefield 1942, Rachet & Clank, Metroid Prime, and the bastion of hype known as GTA: Vice City. Kingdom Hearts was nominated for console RPG of the year.

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I dunno, Kingdom Hearts is a great game but why does it get nominated all the time? It's not like its sales reflect its quality, sadly. I guess we had a shortage of mindblowing titles this year?
What's the big deal then? It wasn't nominated for Game of the Year. It wasn't even nominated for Console Game of the year. it's certainly worthy of being in the same category as Wild Arms 3, right??
Oh, so Final Fantasy X snuck in there. (Well, not really "snuck"...)

Hmm... I wonder what RPG will win...!
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