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SCE overestimates self-importance

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Sony Computer Entertainment has put together this TV commercial thingy, where they kindly ask the world: "No war. Please." and scroll a bunch of "peaceful" images of the Getaway and GTA:VC. Makes games, not war! In other news, no one cares about a videogame publisher's perspective on the current Iraqi crisis. It was a nice thought, though. Gamers unite!

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what the fuck do video game publishers think? That to sell a game in the US you need to make a clear, obvioulsly blunt commercial full of hype and eye candy? How come we can't get cool commercials like this one and the flying Microsoft baby and the countless cool Japanese commercials? Amercan gamers are so stupid. I hate them.
What Iraqi crisis?
Godemp must live beneath a rock... :P

As for the commercial - what a waste of money and time. :P

I also agree with Matt, why the hell can't we get those damn cool Japnese commercials? HELL, why don't we get their damn tv shows!? The Japanese have VERY interesting TV programs. I've seen a few from when my cousin got Japanese broadcasts on channel 125. That was fucking cool.
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