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Crazy Japanese fans storm shops as FFTA and GBA SP sell out faster than speed of light

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Japanese gamers must have a hell of a lot of time on their hands!Final Fantasy Tactics Advance sold 1:1 with the Game Boy Advance SP today in Japan with Metroid Fusion coming a gentle second.
Valentine's Day, Japan - Famitsu is reporting that over 400 people waited in line outside a shop in Shinjuku to get the GBA SP & FFTA pack which released today, causing so much mayhem that even local TV crews showed up to dramatize the event.

For each GBA SP sold, one copy of FFTA went with it; sales staff said they weren't even remotely prepared for the crazy storm that proceeded to scurry around stores everywhere throughout the country and empty out stores of GBA SP, FFTA and Metroid Fusion, a shopping craze only comparable to Final Fantasy X's release in 2001, according to some guy called Matsuda.

Meanwhile, Anubis: Zone of the Enders sold strong on PS2 as well (for some reason). So what were the fanboys after? The GBA SP or FFTA?

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Who is this Rahul guy and why is he posting all the news now?! ;)
hey! i've been posing news, too!
Yeah! You news poser!
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