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Biker betrayed; seeks make-up "cash"

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Next on Stupid Publicity Stunts, Acclaim decapitates self!It seems our poignant, beloved friend Dave Mirra wasn't too happy about having to pull out from being related to BMX XXX last year, so he's decided to sue the people that helped him up there in the first place. Ah, gaming politics. How nice! Mirra expects to receive somewhere in the vicinity of $21m in "refunds". Good luck with that.

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Forums / News / Biker betrayed; seeks make-up "cash"

Acclaim sucks hairy bean bags. I hope Dave Mirra wins the case.
Are you nuts? Dave Mirra only became wellknown in the first place because they made Dave Mirra BMX titles. Now his name is tarnished because he was involved in a SHITTY game, so he's jealous. Bastard should crawl back into his hole.

Not to say I'm agreeing with Acclaim either, though.
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