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Namco spotted resorting to cheap marketing tactics

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As if KOS-MOS wasn`t enough of a whore..."Do you have a fansite or know a friend or two who does? [...] place the banner(s) on your website or ask a friend to place it on their site. Get the banner(s) placed on two websites by Sunday, March 2nd and you'll be entered into a drawing to win a Xenosaga prize pack [...]" Oh wow! This means we all have to link to team Xenosaga from our websites! Or we could just send massive amounts of spam email telling them to sod off.

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Forums / News / Namco spotted resorting to cheap marketing tactics

This sounds similar to the Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within promotion campaign. Those douches promised me cool FF shit if I used their movie site banner on my website, (RIP Being a young idiot, I actually bought into their BS! Never got my FF crap, but at least I got the pleasure of watching FF: TSW fail HORRIBLY at the box-office! Muwhaha!
Bwaha! That made me laugh. :D
What? Didn't they think the massive hype from Xenogears fanboys would be enough!?
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