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Wonderswan discontinued

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Reports from Japan indicate that Bandai will be slowing production of Wonderswan hardware - producing only as much as there are orders for - and will soon discontinue production completely. Bandai will reportedly begin Gameboy Advance development soon and will have three or four titles available this fall.

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Curious how this stuff appears in Japanese at the middle of the night here (morning in Japan), then Gamefront in the morning, and in the evening. It's like they're all ripping each other off! Where is the original news source??
I thought finding a news item in Japanese was like finding a juicy nugget of treasure, one that you can claim as your own when others ask where you got it. Right?!
Spheres of influence delineated by language... isn't it obvious?

That could explain why Square & Musique, which is more comprehensive than any similar English site I've seen (especially the ones that purportedly give [Square] music the respect it deserves), manages to go unnoticed.

Pass something off as your own and the average visitor doesn't know any better.
Maybe those Final Fantasy games will appear on the GBA? I mean, it's nice that I can play them on the PSX, but I'd love to have them on the GBA.

Now back to your regularly scheduled conversation.
Whatever happened to the quietly announced, quietly discontinued, quietly re-announced version of FF3 they did for the WonderSwan Color, then Gameboy Advance? What ever happened to that....
Wow check out what the Square-Haven ebay auction link box came up with tonight:
Nice to know that Bandai, will produce Final Fantasy III due to demand before things go down the pan, as it were.
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