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Japanese more strict with gaming

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Famitsu Cube/Advance rated Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, giving it 9/9/9/8 (35). That's two points higher than Famitsu gave it! Partial bastards! Unsurprisingly, FFTA has sold over 225k units so far... In related news, the same Cube/GBA mag also rated Metroid Prime and Fusion, dealing out respectively a 37 and 35. Not bad. Famitsu itself rated Prime with a mere 33, and Dengeki, another crazy Japanese magazine, gave it 7/8/7/8. What were they thinking?

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Can I levy charges of bias?

Based on what I've played so far of FFTA, I am not that enthralled. FFTA has a ton of features (it seems) but no real point in using them. You might get a blast out of having three different kinds (tribes) of black mages, but that kind of variety is superfluous to me.

So could there actually be a pro-Matsuno bias? How can you explain how FFT, that sterling example of originality, got as high a score in Famitsu as it did?

There may also be a bias against Western developers as well. Retro Studios didn't just do Metroid right; Prime is transcendent. (Well, I haven't actually played it yet, but I hope it's true.)
Yeah, so use Famitsu grades as a guide but not as a holy grail (of course). One egregious example: Tactics Ogre got "only" a 34/40, but some obviously smart guy gave it a 10 (10 8 8 8).

Anyone who ever read "Videogames" (formerly Video Games & Computer Entertainment, now the irrelevant Tips & Tricks) probably saw that Chrono Trigger got straight 8s. Talk about totally missing the boat!

Sometimes you don't know what's a classic without some hindsight.
Yeah, back in 1995 or so, Power Unlimited, a dutch gaming mag here, gave FF6 a 3.4/10 and Chrono Trigger a 5.9/10. They always based RPGs for some reason.
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