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Acclaim still not willing to stay down

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Square Haven has more ass-thumbnails than anyonePictures like this, this, or this indicate that Acclaim's new title "Beach Volleyball" (also: most creative title in history) is absolutely not out to monopolize on the tasteful taboo-pushing that Tecmo was recently found guilty of with is Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball. Maybe Acclaim should just resort to naming it "Beach Voyeurball" and get it over with.

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Forums / News / Acclaim still not willing to stay down

Yeah, and the graphics dont look that great either. Fuck you Acclaim... Fuck you up your stupid asses.
why the hostility? you could save yourself the hatred and stress by just not buying it.
I dont know, Ive just randomly been posting comments with quotes from Jay and Silent bob. Im a silly bastard.
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