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"Songstress Ren" revealed

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She looks like a cross between Tifa and Yunalesca..A new scan of some Final Fantasy X-2 stuff sort of reveals how Yuna's singing fits into the game - this other chick called Ren, who is apparently a "songstress", wears the same outfit as Yuna. Whether or not she is friend or foe is unknown.

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one of the smaller pictures of her at the top she looks like a real person... freaky
Yeah, I noticed too!

On a "gratuitous statement" kind of note, this game is going to be awesome! Female liberation all the way.

Yeah. :B
This game will be awsone,nothing will beat this game when it hits stores.Yuna will have 2 diffrent kinds of moves in FFX2,she can now Jump and climb which is amazing to me and they are bringing jobs in it YAY!.
Square you created yet another masterpeice.PERIOD
definately!! it's the girls turn to kick some ass! and I'm so glad they have Yuna to do the kicking woo yeah! =)
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