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Pilots in Gulf using VR Training to kick some ass

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  • Reported by Rahul Choudhury
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Soon US forces will look like her! Go America!This report by Reuters shows how "real" jet pilots are using modified flight simulators to increase the efficiency of their missions out there in the real wide world. Said pilots reportedly also "play Star Wars, Grand Theft Auto and other tactical games." Good luck with that!

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Forums / News / Pilots in Gulf using VR Training to kick some ass

U.S. Military: 1
Terrorists: 0
Games industry: 1
Anti-gaming idiots: 0
hey, didn't you hear what happened on september 11? the terrorists definitely have 1.
US military : -1
Terrorrists : 1

C'mon guys, this is retarded, the fucking richest country in the world is using video games to train people. No wonder that Al Qaeda could use MS Flight Sim to learn to fly!
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