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More FFX-2 hotness

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Teases, we say.Square released new images (and even more images) and game details at the official site of Final Fantasy X-2. Those teases.
The official Final Fantasy X-2 site revealed more details about the upcoming Final Fantasy X-2.

Gameplay details include a timed "gun shooting" minigame in which Yuna takes on a host of fiends. In addition, "accessories" confer additional abilities alongside the Result Plate and "Dressphere" features. The animal trainer/beast tamer costumes (for Yuna, Paine, and Rikku) were also revealed along with the songstress/diva costume (for Yuna).

The "world" section of the site now has a "SOS everywhere" sub-section, which seems to describe that fiends have come to overrun Spira's temples. One screenshot shows soldiers at Kilika Temple fending off several Ghosts, and another shows Wakka, apparently wounded, near the entrance to Besaid Temple.

Side characters from the original Final Fantasy X also make appearances in X-2, including Cid, Isaaru, Maroda, Shelinda, and Dona.

Square also released several images, including those of songstress/diva Lenne, who may be a foil or rival to Yuna.

The update to the official site comes two days after FFX-2's theme song single, with "Real Emotion" and "1000 Words," was released in Japan.

FFX-2 is scheduled for release March 13 in Japan.

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And still the CG doesn't look like it's alive.. so far only that one render of Lenne/Ren seems 'real', and the chick from FFXI..... oh well.

So, lesbian fling for Yuna with Lenne? They're holding hands in the render. Maybe Square plans to smack Xenosaga's KOS-MOS/Shion suggestions around a bit?
What no Tidus????A ff game which has a girl as the lead not a boy.I think we have entered a parallel universe where we wear shoes on our heads and hamburgers eat people....
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