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Curious FFX-2 scan reveals new character "?????"

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No way you get a thumbnail of ????? when I can put Lenne here!This new scan from Japanese mag V-Jump shows more similarities between recently revealed character Lenne and Yuna; namely, they seem to have a thing for handsome blondes: Dark Tidus?

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Forums / News / Curious FFX-2 scan reveals new character "?????"

Yeah, so will Tidus be in X2 as a playable character?
no, there are only 3 playable characters - and its been beaten into our heads who they are already :P
Um, it hasn't been fixed yet that only 3 characters are playable.. I'm sure you'll get a chance to mess with some exclusively badass job types along the road. This is Final Fantasy! You get to play with the bad guys elite powers!
that picture is so annoying cos we dont get the game until November and we gotta wait that long thinking what the fuck is that about?
You're kidding me, I have to wait until like May 04!
Oh man! The implications. Oh, I hope Yuna gets her heart broken, cos I can't stand her.
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