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Infinium Labs' Phantom console marketing shot in face by hilarious Flash voice-over

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Phantom console, revolutionizing gaming with phantom marketing!It's not actually possible to explain the effect the Phantom's website Flash intro movie and accompanying narration has on you when you view it, so we suggest you head on over and experience it for yourself. It's worth it, trust us.

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Forums / News / Infinium Labs' Phantom console marketing shot in face by hilarious Flash voice-over

lol! Its talking as if online gaming has never been done before. Why have that when you can use a PC?.
Don't you understand? This company was formed in October 2002 and plan to release a console in December 2003! The idea MUST be some kind of revolutionary concept, since there's nowhere near enough throughput time! Even Xbox Live, financed by the largest corporate body in the world, can't mass-penetrate the gaming market, but Phantom will! Imagine playing games against your buddies... Online!

Phantom sounds like such a setup title for vaporware. They'll probably end up saying "This was a big research project by _______ university. We thank the world for cooperation." There's no way in hell they're actually going through with it and not going broke at the same time, though. Heheh.
It's like "Now you see it, now you don't" but without the actual "seeing it" part.
It's going to be Berkeley. Then we're all going to point and laugh at Paul and he will be embarassed.
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