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Amazon listing Kingdom Hearts 2

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Kingdom Hearts 2 promises to be more adult and dark.. so I want goth chicks!!Amazon Japan is listing Kingdom Hearts 2 on their pre-order list, according to Gamefront. Square hasn't announced anything about its release, although it has been confirmed to be under development.

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KH2?! that's exciting, I thought it wasnt comming out until like 2005 or somethin!
Actually, regretfully its not. I think dumb ass Amazon is going bankrupt or some crap. That site is just having delusions of grandeur. But they are starting the game, so thats something.
I hope Cloud is in the next K.H too,he was realy cool in the first 1,And i hope Cid talks!
kingdom hearts 2 is coming out in september in hmv.
You buy it at HMV, and write a review for us then, I'd really like to read it.
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