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Snake's badass stealth suit reinvented by Kazutoshi Obana

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Solid Snake has nothing on this guy. The color is even the same!A coat with inbuilt camera that projects the image behind the person wearing it onto the front of the coat makes the bearer invisible, as far as Mr. Obana's technology states. "This is a kind of augmented reality," said Susumu Tachi, a Tokyo University professor of computer science and physics. It's an illusion with ninja potential!

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Forums / News / Snake's badass stealth suit reinvented by Kazutoshi Obana

No offence...but...

Really? I just saw it today, like, everywhere, as "news". So maybe there were some new developments I missed?

In any case, it's cool! Even if you knew about it, others didn't!
Sorry, my first post came out nastier than I intended.

But ever since it first came about (early January around, there haven't been too many new developements. But yeah, I will agree, regardless of the age of the article, this is a cool technological development. I must have one!
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