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Capcom to withdraw Gamecube support in favor of PS2, Xbox

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Would anybody really care if RE becomes a Xbox exclusive?According to Nikkei Business Daily, Capcom is planning on reducing software support for Gamecube in favor of PS2 and Xbox. The reason cited was "poor sales" of Gamecube hardware world-wide. In addition, the exclusivity of the Resident Evil series on the Gamecube will come to an end after Resident Evil 4.

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Forums / News / Capcom to withdraw Gamecube support in favor of PS2, Xbox

I have to say that, honestly, I couldn't care less. I haven't enjoyed RE in years and nothing else Capcom has developed for Gamecube has piqued my interest...
A second thought - maybe if the mother fuckers would produce something GOOD for the platform then they would see results. Capcom's attitude comes off as (at least to me): "nobody is buying the INCREDIBLE CRAP we release for Gamecube so we're going to desist support for it."
capcom shmapcom.
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