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Metroid Prime 2 not an FPS?

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A poll currently running at asks players about the upcoming sequel to Metroid Prime - whether they would they like to see it returning to a side-scrolling view, as a multiplayer title, with more GBA/GC connectivity, or merely a longer and tougher game. Considering Nintendo's love for industry 180s (the original Metroid Prime and Zelda: Wind Waker are excellent examples of this), it's not likely that the sequel will actually be an FPS title again.

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wtf?! if you win a shitload of awards for making an innovative FPS, why not make another and have it be equally innovative?! :(

What next, a Samus RPG?!
I love how you jump on top of it the moment the idea of it not being what you expected surfaces. They did that with Prime and Wind Waker. I said, no, it'll be okay. I was right. I'm going to be crazy and say it again: it'll be okay!
It was just an idea. Besides, "multiplayer" is tops with ~43%, with "more challenge and shit" ~39%. How can anyone argue against either?
True - but I'm not sure that means Nintendo will actually do exactly what people want. Personally I want to see a well-executed 3rd person shooter for Metroid with revolutionary camera (or at least as good as the morph ball one) and some well-developed high speed gameplay like the running/jumping skit in Super Metroid. If they can translate that and add to the experience at the same time, I'm all for it.
The problem is that it'd end up being a mature version of Zelda. So they probably won't do that.
Metroid Prime 2 should be a sing-a-long opera fantasy shooter pinball game!!!
I think they should add Pokemon to it, I think ppl will get a blast out of killing the damn thing - all 300+ of em or whatever
joshua i like your idea
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