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Xbox prices down in Europe; Nintendo blames MS fear for Wind Waker

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Yasuhiro Minagawa today proved Nintendo's continuing lack of ability to "get it", stating that the Xbox pricedrop to $200 in Europe (to be brought over to the US soon after) was "for fear of the upcoming Legend of Zelda release". He went on to say that Nintendo was convinced that good games are more effective at selling consoles than price drops. But if that's the case, what about the recent gigantic sales increase when Dixons and Argos dropped prices as low as $130 in the UK?

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Forums / News / Xbox prices down in Europe; Nintendo blames MS fear for Wind Waker

Nintendo are increasingly turning into a bunch of fuckwits. I mean, seriously. You just sold 5000 GC's in a day because the price went down, yet you still say shit like that. You sound like the fucking Iraqi foreign minister. "Our console is doing fine! We are strong!" "There are no Americans in Baghdad! The Iraqi people will defeat any intruders!"

Fucking laughable.
"Those Microsoft infidels are committing suicide by the thousands. God will beat on their stomachs in HELL."
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