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No hard drive needed for North American Final Fantasy XI?

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North American Final Fantasy XI beta testers apparently won't require a PS2 hard drive to operate.
The PS2 hard drive unit was an essential part of the experience that Japanese gamers were required to purchase if they hoped to partake in Square Enix's MMORPG. Whether or not this means the title will be missing any features or not is unknown, however. PC and PS2 players will apparently be inhabiting the same world, allowing them to play together - something that could prove a vital initial boost for Square Enix as the Christman 2003 period draws ever closer (yes, it's already April). Expect more about Final Fantasy XI at E3.

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Forums / News / No hard drive needed for North American Final Fantasy XI?

The ps2 Hard Drive will probably be shipped to the chosen few who will be able to beta test the upcoming FFXI...No real proof has been brought up but considering the high level of the graphics and the nature of this mmorpg and its frequent updates in the japanese version it is very difficult to believe that they will not require you to own a ps2 HDD....
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