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E3 line-up for Square Enix announced

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This is the E3 logo.Any dreams of seeing something secret will have to be saved for whatever large event is coming after E3, because you're getting the obvious from Square this time around.

Upcoming titles don't have much of release dates on them yet, but you can expect to see most of them arriving in NA and probably Europe this year. But although you won't be seeing Chrono Break, Final Fantasy XII, or Kingdom Hearts II, this line-up still appears to be one of the strongest Square has seen in years with no less than 4 Final Fantasy titles adorning it, and new installations of the powerful presences, Mana, Star Ocean, and SaGa to back that up. Oh, and err.. Drakengard as well.

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Forums / News / E3 line-up for Square Enix announced

Wanna bet they'll show some kind of preview like Deep Dive or something for the "unannounced" titles behind closed doors anyway? They aren't stupid.
I dunno... Square's E3 lineup has been woefully lackluster since, well, ever. I can't recall Square ever having a good E3 showing.

Oh, wait! There was that one time when they revealed... PARASITE EVE II!!!!
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