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Kingdom Hearts 2 development uncertain?

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While Kingdom Hearts 2 remains a heavily rumoured title for Square Enix, especially with the Deep Dive movie already made, and E3 looming, Tetsuya Nomura (director and character designer for Kingdom Hearts) stated to Dorimaga magazine that development of the title is as yet undecided. On the other hand, however, Squenix president Yoichi Wada confirmed its development to Reuters. And to add to the confusion, Amazon Japan has had Kingdom Hearts 2 on its pre-order list since March 29.

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Forums / News / Kingdom Hearts 2 development uncertain?

Just want to let you know that on amazon jp its not a pre order for kh2 but just a mailing list to let you know when amazon get information about kh2 release and pre-order.... Well last time i checked it was that anyway.
Really? Because I can't actually read Japanese so I just assumed Gamefront knew what they were talking about. I saw it a month ago too.
oh Rahul... you should know better than to assume... but hey if it makes any difference. I will send you some love
Tis game is all bad, very bad.
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