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Sony shocks everyone (but Matt) with Playstation Portable

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As possibly the only company who could hope to come close to knocking Nintendo's monopoly of the handheld market with the GBA, Sony revealed the Playstation Portable at E3 today - a toned-up mobile PSOne with DVD playback capability, TFT screen, and more. Don't expect to see it anytime soon though; Sony said public unveiling won't be until E3 next year, in all likelihood.

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Forums / News / Sony shocks everyone (but Matt) with Playstation Portable

Sony is taking over the world!
pixel doesn't suprise me much either...let's try to see them make a portable X-box now, what a giant abomination that would be.
You would probably have to wear a portable X-box like a backpack or something
I will always love Jimmy Fallon's idea for a phone that plays video games (strapping a phone to a PS2) I guess it's funny if you've seen the episode
Not surprised in the least.
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