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Sony unveils PlaystationX

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Now cool tech stuff is suddenly white? Can`t they make up their minds?As a company now seemingly interested in blowing everyone's minds with crazy new announcements, Sony revealed the PlaystationX today (effectively making everyone's use of the PSX acronym to describe the original Playstation useless) - a console not to be targeted for the videogame industry, nor to be published by SCE. The unit will integrate games, music, and movies by building on PS2 technology and coming with a DVD writer and 120gb disk drive, along with the ability to download media from the internet. Currently the system is set for a release in Asia late this year, with its arrival in NA and Europe early 2004. Gamefront has preliminary shots of the cum-tinted beast of a machine.

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Forums / News / Sony unveils PlaystationX

The story was a little confusing. Is the PSX not going to be a videogame system, just another PS2 only with a big harddrive and DVD Writer? This just sounds like a consule-computer to me. But of course I could be wrong, I'm always confused.

P.S. - Rahul, is this the "PS3"?
No, this is not the PS3. It's the PSX.
yum... it looks sexy to me =)
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