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GameSpy rips hole in Unlimited: SaGa; kicks when down; tells all its friends; kicks some more

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GameSpy's unsubmissive review of Unlimited: SaGa reveals that the game, which garners an apparently fitting 28 out of 100 and the title "worst RPG in years", might not be everything (or anything) the fans have been looking forward to. Even the amazing soundtrack by Masashi Hamauzu doesn't seem to be able to save it. Oh well.

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ill actually wait for pauls opinion on this one since hes been looking forward to it ^_^
Dear lord. I've never been so shocked by a review (Or bad game) in my life. In the horrid gameplay of .hack volume 1 didn't shock me that much.
Gah. Pardon my double post. Just wanted to correct my last one, it meant to read "Even the horrid", not "In the horrid". My apologies.
Dastafarin, I suggest you click this link, fill out the form, and get down this shit shiznitz, yo.
I don't think it's so bad, I mean I've only played a little ways into it with one of the characters, it's kinda strange but after I figured out what the fuck was going on then it was pretty cool actually ^_^ don't listen to professional reviewers... listen to me!! I will make u buy the game for the FFX-2 trailer on the disk!! yay ^_^ that trailer made my day
No... its bad. Real bad.
growl... do not defy me!
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