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New Limited Edition Gamecube to accompany Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

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cum-coloredThe upcoming Japanese August release of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles will be accompanied by the release of a new Gamecube - the Crystal White - and pak that comes with the a Gameboy Player, Memory Card, joypad, and the game. Only 150 versions of the Crystal White will be made, and only as a prize for V-Jump magazine readers in a lottery, making the unit quite the collector's item. Also, Japanese box art for the game is available on the relevant game page.

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Forums / News / New Limited Edition Gamecube to accompany Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Whew, good thing you got to posting this before Matt did, or the headline would have read "Squenix/Nintendo To Release Cum-colored GameCubes."
mmm... i kinda like that better actually :)
okay to be serious for a second.. I think it's purty... I want one, however, that is never gonna happen -_- I must steal one... from some poor helpless V-Jump reader... ah hahaha! he'll never know what hit him!!
Yuna, just get a huge orgy going on over at your ... whatever you're currently living in (I forget), and make sure all the guys cum on your current GC, and then you'll have one!

Alternatively, just blow the hell outta some poor sex-starved geek who reads V-Jump magazine AND who managed to win the special GC.
what's this i am feeling...?

ah. enlightenment. thanks, rob.
but... but I don't have a current game cube. the only kind I have is the non-existant kind... but I CAN always steal the one in the student center at my school, it's like sexified (I don't remember the word for it) so it can play japanese games, aka soul calibur con link yummmie!
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