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Devastating blow to Gamecube owners: Acclaim to discontinue support

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NOOOOOO!!!!! Oh, wait. I have a PS2. Nevermind.Acclaim CEO Rod Cousens was recently quoted: "Why are we to develop games for platforms that do not supply appropriate yields? We still support PS2 and Xbox, but Nintendo? No, not in the foreseeable future." Woe! Anguish! Outrage! Acclaim still has a few GCN titles on track, including Legends Of Wrestling III, Urban Freestyle Soccer, and XGRA, however, Gamecube owners will be wholeheartedly deprived of Alias, NBA JAM 2004, and Gladiator.

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Forums / News / Devastating blow to Gamecube owners: Acclaim to discontinue support

Rob Cousens is a douche bag.
....And I care..... why, exactly?
I don't care if you care or not. I don't post news just for you, you know!
Holy shit, Matt actually posted news!
Oh no! No Alias and NBA JAM 2004... and how could I live without Gladiator?! :P
haha! truer words were never spoken... well besides these: ewan mcgregger is sexy
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