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Square Enix to promote violent behaviour with sword for controller

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It`ll spawn a new generation of lightsabre-wielding fat kids!Screw button-pressing gameplay, says Squenix, we're stripping off the extras and showing you what gaming is really about!

Along with the upcoming revelation concerning a new Squenix title, the company also decided to let us uncaring Westerners know that it's working on a new type of game; while in the Dragon Quest series, it is at least somewhat interesting in that you won't be playing with a regular controller (or even a console), but with some kind of new ..thing.. that you connect directly to your tv. The hub will contain the videogame information, and you control it with this awesome plastic sword made to look like it's straight out of a random Akira Toriyama comic.

The Sword God: Dragon Quest takes you back to the basics of gameplay: swing at the tv, and the cute little enemies onscreen get comfortably sliced into pieces. This game will also be targeted at primarily younger gamers, "so we can draw in a new group of gamers", according to Scenario Designer Yuji Horii.

The title's team sound somewhat recognizeable too: with art by Akira Toriyama of DragonBall Z and, yes, Chrono Trigger, fame, scenario design by Yuji Horii of Chrono Cross involvement, and music by Koichi Sugiyama, the title seems to be an interesting endeavour. But so is that biker MMORPG, I guess.

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Forums / News / Square Enix to promote violent behaviour with sword for controller

O_O dude... I so want that sword!!
So what are they gonna give these kids when they grow up?
heh heh...that looks like Soras sword in the beginning of KH, now i need it.
so....this is the game they were gonna present???? damn, im not like...dissapointed but, im just surprised i guess ^_^ (having horii and toriyama already it could have been chrono break but noooo*grumbles*)
dude, they should mak controllers like that for all games!
No shit. Hey they've made guns... why not swords?
hey hell with stupid sword swinging crap.Get ready to play a real game like final fantasy XI none of this kiddie stuff.
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