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New Dragon Quest VIII imagery surfaces

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isn\'t that... Serge?The not-yet-released weekend edition of Japanese gaming magazine V-Jump will have a new page of information on Squenix's Dragon Quest VIII which, if not particularly interesting to your average Final Fantasy fanatic, is at the very least different in its attempt to bring the archaic series into 3d finally. The screens portray some basic activity in the game, such as battling, which looks a lot like Chrono Cross for some reason. The celshaded, cartoony look appears to bring Toriyama's designs to life quite nicely, too. UPDATE: more here and here (07/17)

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The dreaded 403 error is throwing me the finger again, in the first link.

Es sind nur ungen?gende Zugriffsrechte gesetzt. Bitte ?ndern Sie die Rechte mit Ihrem FTP-Programm.

If it's a Gamefront link, you have to copy/paste the URL in your address bar.
Oh right... forgot about that. O_O
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