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Dengeki slams Crystal Chronicles in first Japanese review

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Mr. Joshua Yadron may have been right in his predictions that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles isn't as great as it seems, because Dengeki certainly agrees with him, scoring it a 6 out of 10 average from three reviewers.

Dengeki decided that sure, the graphics and art-nouveau style are pretty sweet, but as far as they know the connectivity experiment is a failure. Apparently, throwing down $400 just to play with 3 of your mates isn't worthwhile at all, as it doesn't enhance the scenario or way the story unfolds at all - you just get to play with more players. A bit of a waste, then.

What's more, the story never really pans out either, says Dengeki. No fantastic surprises or plot twists will be greeting you with a punch in the face, since Square Enix obviously decided that the gameplay was more important - to the point that they spent so much time devising a system that works with multiple players that they forgot to design the rest of the game, like character development and interesting puzzles.

The battle system leaves much to be desired too, with no real rewards awaiting you (as is the case with pretty much anything supposedly traditionally rewarding, apparently). All in all, it seems Dengeki really wasn't very impressed with the game at all. Collecting drops throughout the game - something particularly reminiscent of the latter half of Wind Waker - comes off as uninspired and dull, too.

So what's the point of even playing? Well, they didn't mention the music. Maybe that's worth buying Crystal Chronicles for.

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sounds like total crap to me but the collecting drops is kinda like zelda.
why, you're right! perhaps rahul should have mentioned that in the article... ...
final fantasy just wasnt meant for this. sitting down with 4 friends? ummmm, no. ffxi seems great, mmos work, this simply, does not. i love my GC, i dont love this.
How dare you! This game rules. I believe this is the best made FF game ever made. Sure it's annoying having to carry a little crystal thing around. But the graphics are great and the story line is OK. I don't see why anyone would want to talk bad about FFCC.
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