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Gamers laugh all the way to the bank; Nintendo to start rewarding you for buying games

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Ty doesn`t take no shitNintendo will start a new gaming campaign in North America and Japan that will reward gamers for buying Nintendo stuff. Nintendo's new scheme is called Club Nintendo and will start later this year, reportedly by December. The way it works: you buy Nintendo stuff to earn points toward more Nintendo stuff, most likely things like Nintendo-branded belly packs or Ty the Tasmanian Tiger.

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Forums / News / Gamers laugh all the way to the bank; Nintendo to start rewarding you for buying games

It's the Stars system already used by Nintendo Europe. I racked up 3100 points since I bought my GC in October last year, and they basically hand stuff out when you buy a console (500), a game (250), something else (100), or participate in stuff on the website, like posting messages, filling out surveys, and every time you visit. The prizes include things like a Platinum GBA for 6000 points which I couldn't have hoped to afford, but mostly consist of shit like t-shirt transfers and wallpaper and desktop stuff. I skipped it all because I figured in the end, they might put something worthwhile up, and lo and behold - NOE is introducing physical prizes this September, ranging from Zelda Master Quest to the F-Zero demo disc, and so forth. Things like that should clock in at around 2500 stars, so I presume the US version of the system will work more or less alike. When it comes down to it, it's an excellent way of "forcing" participation of your users and also tracking who buys/plays what. The quizzes and surveys they do are cool too. Makes me wonder why Nintendo has the superior integrated online service when they don't have an online gaming plan, versus Sony's supposed broadband system and Xbox Live. Hmmm..
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