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Free Earthbound toys when you drink delicious Coca-Cola

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I would so name my kid after a NintendoNintendo and Coca-Cola are teaming up in Japan to give a bunch of Japanese people free Earthbound toys. One may acquire said toys when one purchases and drinks delicious, mouthwatering Coca-Cola products. Always you. Always real. Always Coca-Cola.

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Seems a lot better than the crappy promotion here...stupid coke points...cant freakin win anything!
you and me Hikari, we will go destroy them people at coke, wait, but pepsi sucks more, oh well, lets just go kill some people for the hell of it ^_^
Hooray for destruction!!! Genocide without a reason is the best~!
i wonder what happened to that guy who sued pepsi because he saved enough pepsi points for the jet on the commercial but it was a joke so pepsi didn't give it to him.

I think he actually won his law suit and got a shit load of jet though...but...I could be wrong on this...
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