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Squenix reveals Final Fantasy X-2 International and Last Mission

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Unfortunately for Americans, Final Fantasy X-2 is on the horizon, yet Square Enix is already developing the oh-so-unexpected "international" version of the game which will sport an extra dungeon and job class. It will also presumably be released in Europe, further contributing to the major asskicking the company seems to want to do on the continent. Haha to you.

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So Europe will finnaly get something better then America? that's about time, this mockery has been going on for too long.

How does it feel? what? left aside? now you know.
Damned right!
Here in Australia, what we are dealt with is a direct result of Square Europe (now SquareEnix Europe).

Time & time again we have been screwed around, not seeing the re-release of Chrono Trigger or the release of its sequel, Chrono Cross. Front Mission 3 may have been released, but like Vagrant Story, it has become a rare game rather quickly.
Now America can feel like we have, for years on end. Still, I hope that Squenix can muster enough courage to even out the world and treat us all better!!
What the hell are you two talking about? This is the exact same deal as we got with FFX, with the Dark Aeons and so forth. The difference is that they've announced the International edition of FFX-2 before the game has even been released in the US.
Well, I know it has been standard practice to screw one region... but it would be nice if these editions were made available to everyone, at least eventually. Like when FFX was released as Greatest Hits in the US, they could have included the stuff that was put on the International version of FFX. That would have drawn more people to the game, imo.
The PAL edition of FFX International was PAL. They'd have to convert the entire thing back to NTSC to release it over in the US again. Waste of time/money considering the benefits.

No "area" gets screwed - certain areas just get a little more, because they have to wait longer. It's fair. People who complain are spoilt.
Thanks to the internet, you can just download the Extra FMVs from somewhere.
Interesting though, is the Japanese people get the international version, after Europe. It generally has both languages, and all the extra features from the European version
I suppose anyone in the US could get their console chipped and just get an International copy from eBAY. I know its on MY list of crap to do. Hell, I'll even go back and buy FFX and X2, just to be able to mess around with the extras we didn't get the first time around.
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