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Square Enix publishes TGS line-up

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And of course you're depending on Square Haven to reprint it in full list glory. Naturally.

Well, it seems like we won't be getting a glimpse of Kingdom Hearts 2 or Final Fantasy XII anytime soon. Bummer. What Squenix does appear to want to molest our eyes with is Front Mission 4, the latest in a series they seem to want to bring back to life (boy, must its creator be happy). Oh, and there's Full Metal Alchemist, whatever that is.

Besides all that, we'll be seeing the usual, some of which are very sexy; some of which... are not. But don't forget Bakusou Yankee Tamashii!!

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Forums / News / Square Enix publishes TGS line-up

That Slime game is going to be there too.... yay.
we finally will be able small seen its plays that all the fans of public garden wait so impatiently!
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