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Free preview disc with Mario Kart Double Dash!! preorder

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Nintendo will promote Mario Kart Double Dash!! by offering a free Gamecube preview disc upon preorder. There was no mention as to the contents of the disc, but you know when you go to the movies to see Lilo and Stitch or some shit, all you get are previews for Spirit Stallion of the Simiron and the Lizzie McGuire movie.

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Forums / News / Free preview disc with Mario Kart Double Dash!! preorder

Are you hinting there will be free Hilary Duff with every copy of Mario Kart?!
Hillary Duff = Satan
On a side note, it's like no-image week here at square haven.
Hilary Duff...I hate Lesbian McGuire...She's Britney Jr.
i was hinting at the nature of mario kart itself and offering insight on what would be on the preview disc.
sorry, hillary duff is not included.
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