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More news on stable and official things, like Final Fantasy X-2

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Finally some interesting information of value for resident naysayer dragmire, as EA has announced a special one-time agreement with Square Enix that will see it publishing Final Fantasy X-2 in Europe in early 2004, instead of Atari. As reported previously, Europeans will be receiving the International version of the game, as was the case with Final Fantasy X in 2001.

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What is the story behind European Publishing? For a couple of games, it was Square Europe, then, SCEE, then for Final Fantasy Origins, it was Infogrames for some strange reasons.
Now, Atari seems to be holding the rights. What ever happened to Squenix Europe? I probably should know, but most good websites are American, and therefore don't offer much coverage (not that they should - it would be pointless) so could someone tell me what's going on?
Or is it simply a matter of money flying around and whoever has the most to throw around publishes Squenix titles?
SCEE used to handle it (FF7, FFX), and then thre was the Square EA/EA Square deal, so EA published in Europe for awhile (Square published EA games in Japan). Infogrames changed its name to Atari and made a deal with newly formed Square Enix to publish their games in Europe. Since FFX-2 is such a big deal, it's an exception, though, so EA is handling it (there were rumours about EA or SCEE getting it). Read this article on for more info.
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