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Final Fantasy XII information to be released on November 19th

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Square has a poster on display in its booth that depicts "FF12" alongside the date of November 19th, 2003. Coincidentally, a Square Enix website has also popped up stating the same thing. At long last, the information train for Final Fantasy XII appears to be coming.

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you know, you'd think that FFXII would be more interesting news than a *possible* FFVII sequel, or a FFVII sequel movie.

But no, people like Tifa's boobs too much.
okay well this is just my theory here, but I while back I think I remember hearing something about FFXII and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance being related... after seeing the high resolution promo for FFXII I couldnt help but notice the Bangaa going down the stairs in the bottom left part of the pic. Knowing Nintendo and their current trend to link the gameboy and the gamecube, I am half expecting FFXII to be announced for the Gamecube. Once again this is just theory, but the bangaa just seems scream Tactics to me.
FFXII seems to be kept under closed doors. I predict that some information will surface, but judging by the one image we have been offered, until its release in Japan, there will be suprises aplenty.
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