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Game Boy Advance goes wireless

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sex should be wireless too! how amazing would THAT be?Nintendo and Motorola are teaming up to produce the Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter which will allow wireless multiplayer gaming on the handheld. Battery power consumption is low, data communication speed is high, and Nintendo seems overall quite pleased to brag that it's a pretty kickass accessory. We agree; the Wireless Adapter will be out in 2004 with the next editions of Pok?mon.

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I will continue to post as assasin dude.
I just know that thats going to ruin my reputation. I am really Battlemax.
You're both the same annoying person? No wonder. I thought I had a very similar urge to kill both of you.
Really now? You never knew. I figured it would be obvious.
I also had posted it on that ambrosia odyssey thread about a week ago.
Well now it's obvious. I haven't been here for the longest time so I wouldn't have seen that.
I posted it at least after you started.
Holy Cheese! You and that stupid guy who posted the FFVII-2 game news! No Way! I knew all alongX_X
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